Updated Jan. 14, 2008
PPJoy Setup Guide
This guide explains how to use your Wiimote and Nunchuk attachment as a gaming joystick.

This is the Windows XP guide. The setup for other Windows systems should be very similar.
We assume you already know how to connect a Wiimote to your PC.

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Required hardware/software:
  • Wiimote
  • Wiimote Nunchuk attachment
  • Bluetooth Wireless Adapter
  • Windows XP
  • PPJoy (available here)
  • GlovePIE (available here)
I have used the Nunchuk as a joystick on Windows XP and Vista with no trouble.
Install PPJoy
Step 1
First, download and unzip PPJoySetup. Within the unzipped folder, find "Setup.exe" and run it.
Just follow the instructions to complete the setup.
Configure Joysticks
Step 2
After setup is complete, open the "Start" menu, expand "All Programs", then find and expand the "Parallel Port Joystick" folder. Within that folder, run "Configure Joysticks".
(ie. Start > All Programs > Parallel Port Joystick > Configure Joysticks)
Add a Joystick
Step 3
Click the "Add" button and change "Parallel Port" to "Virtual joysticks". Click the next "Add" button.


The joystick will install as if Windows were installing an external device. If given a choice, do not use Windows Update to find a driver, then follow the recommended choices for installation.
During setup of the first part of the device, your computer will ask you if you're sure you want to install as the drivers are not signed. Simply click "Continue Anyway". If you're worried about it, then don't continue, but I've experienced no problems with the drivers. Allow the second part of the device to install as well. Repeat for as many joysticks as you want to use.
GlovePIE Setup
Step 4
To use your Wiimote Nunchuk as a gaming joystick, you'll need to use GlovePIE. Download it, unzip it, and open "GlovePIE.exe". Download this script and open it with GlovePIE, then click "Run" above the code section of the program. (do not click "Run" until you've connected your Wiimote)
Game Setup
Step 5
Now just go into whatever game you're playing and assign keys just like you would any other joystick or gamepad. You usually select a function that you want to assign a key to, then push the button that you want to use for it. For example, if you want to use the "Jump" command in a game with the "A" button on the Wiimote, you'd select "Jump" in the game, then press the "A" button on the Wiimote. Most games are fairly easy to assign custom keys to.

If you have any problems with your Wiimote not working, try clicking on "Troubleshooter > Bluetooth Fix" in GlovePIE. Some Bluetooth adapters have problems working with the Wiimote. I've had no issues with the Broadcom Bluetooth Adapter, but I have had to turn on the Bluetooth Fix when connecting Wiimotes to Windows Vista.
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