Updated Apr. 7, 2009
Adding an Emblem to your Ragnarok Online Guild
This guide explains how to add a guild emblem that you've saved to your actual in-game guild.
Required items:
  • Ragnarok Online must be already installed
  • 24x24 Bitmap Image (bmp)
Retrieve Your Emblem
Step 1
The first thing you should do is to find your 24x24 bitmap image that you want to use for a guild emblem. You probably already know where you saved it to, so go there and right-click the file, then click [Copy].
Browse to the Ragnarok Online Folder
Step 2
In order to add your emblem, you'll need to visit the Ragnarok Online folder, generally you can get to it through these steps:
  1. Open "My Computer"
  2. Open the C: Drive (or wherever you keep your program files)
  3. Find and open "Program Files"
  4. Find and open "Gravity"
  5. If you play more than one RO server, open the folder of the server you're trying to add the emblem to. Otherwise, just open the default RO folder.
Create a New Folder
Step 3
Skip this step if you already have an "Emblem" folder!
  1. Click the [File] menu and go to [New]. Click on "Folder" to create a new folder. (if there is not an "Emblem" folder already)
  2. Name your new folder "Emblem", minus the quotes.
Paste, and be done!
Step 4
All that's left is to right-click on your Emblem folder and click [Paste].
You're done! Open up your game and the new emblem should appear in your guild settings (Alt+G).

Note: If you got side-tracked and copied text, pictures, or anything else to the clipboard you'll have to start over.
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